Impact of policies on health and social care setting

This process which involves tendering, monitoring and evaluation of the feed contract ensures that the HEN team provides patients a safe and quality service.

Purpose of Organizational Policies and Procedures in Health Care Settings

With the help of those guidelines the equipments and machineries could be installed accurately. To fully utilize the skill mix and expertise in the team it may be necessary to extend the scope of practice of members of the HEN team.

Integrating primary and secondary services e. Collaboration and cooperation are essential parts of the roles of nurses and other healthcare professionals in order to achieve a common goal [ 1213 ].

Where we have identified any third party copyright information you will need to obtain permission from the copyright holders concerned. My Home Life Report. Specific policies and procedures and system scenario in the Royal United Hospital Bath NHS Trust is that quality health and social care institutions are incorporate with theservice providing organisations, which are providing the quality health and social care Ozok, The impact of poor service quality on health and social care stakeholders These tasks, as Schalock notes, require great customer care orientation for users to interact closely with the service providers.

Screening for malnutrition and risk of malnutrition; Nutritional assessment; Recording of nutritional information e.

2010 to 2015 government policy: health and social care integration

Their official mandates for detailed policies and procedures may originate from government agencies, especially federal regulatory agencies. Apart from that there have been concerns of long hours of waiting by the patients before being attended to.

Communication in Health and Social Care Organizations Assignment

Different approaches to implement quality systems Diagrams and flowcharts can be used here 1. This integration is useful for enteral feeding in the community in terms of managing the patients on HETF.

Learners will explore the process of communication and how effective communication can affect how individuals feel about themselves. Although the Strategic Health Authorities SHAs have been merged to form four clusters in England and plans are in place to have the primary care trusts PCTs merge to 51 clusters, it is hoped that the eventual abolition of the PCTs and SHAs in will improve integration between NHS and local authority services and enhance the management of patients on enteral feeding in the community [ 192627 ].

Over the period, there has been a move away from a system that is primarily driven by national targets to that where standards are the main drivers for continuous improvement in quality [ 2 ]. Collaboration and cooperation are essential parts of the roles of nurses and other healthcare professionals in order to achieve a common goal [ 1213 ].

Social care

Place an order Conclusion In the above report, we talkedabout theperspective of different stakeholders in the health and social care services, which include the perspective of service seekers or patients, service providers, technicians and other legal bodies.

Your submission of not more than words should include: Others include maintaining the quality of care and ensuring patient safety, extending patient pathway of care and meeting the demands of integrated services [ 9 ].

In addition, government has enacted the health and social care Act involving the development of new commissioning structures for NHS alongside local authorities [ 20 ].

Apart from this, lack of health insurances can also result in inefficiency in the conformation of programs to all the natives Ozok, The planning process could be improved as it enables an organization to get hold on their review and monitoring process as well.

How and why the above factors influence the in achieving quality care standards at RUH The training could be imparted in various areas or fields. Quality standards provide assistance to the service seekers in the Royal United Hospital Bath NHS Trust and also make them understand the services which they are entitled to seek.

Present State of Enteral Feeding in the Community With respect to nutrition support services that are based in the community, traditionally, these include a General practitioner GPthe community nurse and sometimes a dietitian [ 16 ].

The committee has released a set of guidelines for the implementation of best practices in this field.Possible dilemmas encountered in relation to implementing systems and policies for health, safety and security and how these may be addressed.

It is one of the most troubling issues for the health and social care setting. The training is one of the major sections of ensuring the patients security. The Impact of Health and Safety. Locus Assignment Help is leading education consultant in UK, this Unit 3 Managing Quality in Health and Social Care Assignment is part of HSC course.

The Impact of Changes in Health and Social Care on Enteral Feeding in the Community

Here also have a discussion on dilemmas in implementing system and policies and analysis of impact of aspect of safety policies in the perspective of Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust scenario that was taken place in between to that enriches the practice quality of health and social care organization and their customers get proper.

Policy in healthcare is vitally important as it sets a general plan of action used to guide desired outcomes and is a fundamental guideline to help make decisions. The purpose of healthcare policy and procedures is to communicate to employees the desired outcomes of the organization.

Nov 13,  · The developments in health and social care provisions have significant impact on enteral feeding in the community and appear to be driven mainly by resource allocation, market forces, political influences, advances in technology and the need for better patient treatment.


Health and Social Care

The number of people in England who have health problems requiring both health and social care is increasing. For example, in the next 20 years, the percentage of people over 85 will double.

Impact of policies on health and social care setting
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