India of my dreams

Education and Employment I dream of India where every citizen is educated and is able to find a deserving employment opportunity.

Our infrastructure is far better. Gender Discrimination India of my dreams would be a place where women are given due respect and treated as being equal to men.

Corruption Corruption is one of the main reasons why India is unable to grow at the speed at which it should. She should help her neighbours and may give them the message of peace.

India of my dreams

There is no move to have special operations set up under the prime minister for strategic-level tasks. However, it should also take steps to ensure that each and every person in the country seeks education.

India of my dreams would be a place where people are not discriminated based on their caste, creed or religion.

India of My Dreams

Even those who are well-qualified fail to get deserving jobs. Crime Rate The crime rate in India is growing by the day.

India Of My Dreams

Illiteracy and poverty will be rooted out. Conclusion India of my dreams would be a country that sees all its citizens as equal and does not discriminate them based on any criteria.

Short Speech on India of My Dreams

Lack of education, unemployment and poverty majorly attribute towards this. However at the time of independence the industry was in bad shape. Areas of Improvement There are a number of areas that our country still needs to work upon in order to grow and develop further.

India of my dreams would be a place where every citizen enjoys true freedom of equality. It is sad to see how genius minds from the country fly abroad to seek employment opportunities and contribute to the technological and industrial advancements of those countries rather than contributing to the development of their own country.

Education Lack of education is one of the main hindrances in the growth of the nation. There have been shortcomings in our planning as well as its implementation.

It could conduct a study with members from all services and evolve a model to benefit the system, within the legal framework, rather than end up as a disappointment. Girls are not encouraged to go for higher studies.

The dissatisfaction level among the unemployed lot is high and they often take the road to crime. Corruption There is a lot of corruption in the country and its rate is only growing by the day.

It would be a place where women safety would be of utmost importance. Holdings of combat military free-fall parachutes are nearing zero. It would be a place free from all kinds of crime and exploitation.Short Essay on India of My Dreams Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On February 3, By Vikash Pathak Contents: National character of India, growth of science and industry, India as a mighty country, social and economic justice, and Women empowerment and equality.

India of My Dreams Essay 5 ( words) India is a country where people belonging to different ethnic groups, castes and religions live amicably. It boasts of a rich, variegated cultural heritage.

Though colonised for a long period of time, India has come a long way ever since its independence. To ask other readers questions about India Of My Dreams, please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about India Of My Dreams When rating this book, I am not sure what I am rating.

The book was not actually written by Gandhi, but was compiled from his other writings (in some places, there as /5. The book INDIA OF MY DREAMS is a collection of passages from writing and speeches of Mahatma Gandhi. In this book author discusses about the various aspect of Indian culture its heritage and about the society at large.

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Please give your valuable views in free & frank manner. We all must play a constructive role and. India of my dreams is a peaceful, progressive, literate country free from the pangs of poverty, where every citizen feels safe and secure, where health facilities are provided top all and where the women of the country are treated with utmost dignity and respect.

India of my dreams
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