Mind mapping for writing a novel

Her books make your job clearer, easier and faster. After this first stage, which relies more on your more creative right brain, you allow your analytical left brain to organize the material into the structure of your book—a table of contents. However, you can color code the text and branches and it does create a neat looking map.

For most of us, mind maps are easier to read than the typical list outlines. Mind Map Example 2: Use the ones made of a material you can write on. Submit your pages here! The step-father will talk to his lackey, the friends will quiz the son, the son will talk to his best friend.

Around each of these hubs fill in the related information. I like to use arrows to reinforce particularly important connections. Imperfection leads to creativity. However, I find the free version seems to work well enough for most uses.

Buy it here on Amazon! In what order do these events take place in the story? Parker The easiest and fastest way you can plan your nonfiction book is to use a mind map. Using different colors can be helpful for organizing different thoughts and sections of the mind map — for example, you could use the color red to link together common themes or ideas, or the color blue to signify a specific character.

Turn your map into a general outline. Say a story occurred to me based on an argument between a stepson and his nosy stepfather.

She taught me things to spice up and improve my style. White Board or Poster Board Version You also can do this exercise on a white board or with poster board using colored pens or markers. The program has a basic version that is free and a paid upgrade if you need more features.

I started this mind map above by simply trying to figure out who my characters would be and what the setting would be.

Mind maps are great for brainstorming ideas, keeping organized, and can help you make progress in writing your book. About the Author Roger C. Mind Map Novel Example 1: Being able to move your different notes and connect them as needed gives you a lot of flexibility!

Around each of these hubs fill in the related information. The beauty of a mind map is that it can continue expanding whenever a new element occurs to you.

How to Use a Mind Map to Start Your Book

As you plan your book, insert the titles of each of the 12 chapters. You can add in text boxes, videos, or images to serve as your nodes and hubs.

Here are the main steps to create your mind map: Characters, Timeline, Settings, Plot. Jeanne Williams, authorJust Claire Editing is the best form of book promotion an author has at his disposal.

Mind maps use only three to five concrete key words on a branch. I have a template layout containing four elements that every story will involve. Getting started with mind mapping There are over mind mapping software programs available for computers, iPhones, and iPads.

Around the name, write several hubs around the name: You can then do the same thing for plot, setting, themes, and any miscellaneous ideas you might have during the process.

Using Mind Maps For Creating Novels

The paid version offers more security for your data. Jean Williams, authorJust Claire Susanne critiqued and edited my manuscript. You can purchase mind mapping software or download free software.

How to Mind Map a Novel Plot

Characters in event, new events that spawn, emotions felt, character growth connected with event.Many writers use mind mapping to map out a novel. See this good “Write for Your Life” blog post for tips on regulating mind mapping to build your story.

iThoughts is, in my opinion, a best mind [ ]. To get you to use both sides of your brain—left and right, analytical and creative—mind mapping asks you to go through a brainstorming process where you free-flow ideas.

This allows all thoughts, ideas and information you have on the topic of your book to rise to the surface of your mind. Creative Mind Mapping for Novelists September 30, in Writing for Life with 20 Comments Brainstorming ideas seems to be one of the hardest stages in the writing process for many novelists.

For example, If you’re writing a novel that explores the death penalty, think about mind mapping that theme and all the various opinions—pro and con—on the issue. Think of the kinds of characters that might embody each opinion, and give them a valid reason for it.

Writing the first draft of a novel involves a lot of idea generation and writing the bare bones of the story, as well as putting the overall structure in place. Sometimes you may come up with a topic or a place or theme you don't know much about before you write it.

I have found mind mapping to be very helpful for this research prior to writing the scene. Although mind mapping as a creativity and productivity tool has been around for decades, it amazes me that many authors still haven’t discovered this simple technique for organizing ideas and creating action plans for planning, writing, and marketing books.

Mind mapping for writing a novel
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