The characteristics of moses that makes him a good leader

We need some people of genuine faith in Christian leadership today. Moses saw what was happening to his fellow Hebrews, and he knew that it was not right. When a leader does something morally wrong, that action can prevent him from having effective leadership.

Moses showed faith that God would save him and the Israelites. Moses understood that without the separation of powers, it was possible that too much power could become concentrated with a single individual leading to possible corruption.

Do I choose to marry, and if so, who will I select as a life-long companion? A leader must be teachable. If you follow this advice, and if God commands you to do so, then you will be able to endure the pressures, and all these people will go home in peace.

My Personal Application of these Leadership Principles My personal application for these leadership principles from the life of Moses is to rely on God and have confidence in Him. And so, by and by, during those hard years in which he guided Israel in the wilderness of Sinai, Moses would be forced to endure some of the same sort of reproaches that the Lord himself would experience.

He flees for Midian, which is a desert land of shepherds and nomads. Someone from outside of the nation could have ulterior motives as the leader.

It is not doing that of which you have no trepidation; it is forging ahead, in spite of your fears, with the utmost confidence in your God. Not everything goes as planned.

Moses defends them and drives the shepherds away. It was a picture of the covering and redemption provided by the shed blood of Christ on the cross.

That leader was ignoring past lessons and future potential blessings. Effective results of leadership allow followers to have confidence in their leader.

The Leadership Characteristics of Moses

They are broken in the area of their relationship with God and it shows in their relationships with man. Somewhere along the way Moses had learned of his real identity as a Hebrew, and his soul ached for the plight of his Israelite kinsmen.

Moses saw the big picture not just the problems at hand. Although it had appeared that Moses was late coming down Mt. To say the same thing in another way, Moses contemplated the reproach that would be heaped upon the coming Messiah.

In the Midrash Bamidbar Rabbah,n. A strong faith in God and His power to save His people is a good quality to have in a leader. He was a great spiritual leader who embodied the great leadership characteristics listed in the Bible and that describe not only Moses but every other great leader who followed God, including David, Nehemiah, and the Apostle Paul, to name just a few.

I feel uncomfortable with hate. Is the reference to when he fled into Midian, following the incident wherein he killed the Egyptian?

This calls for good communication and collaboration skills. Selfish — Moses told Israel that the king should not be concerned about gathering horses for himself or increase his gold and silver.

The testimony of his unmarked grave, east of Jordan, is evidence of that. He encounters a group of hostile shepherds attacking a group of seven sisters. What will be my vocation?

The Ten Top Qualities of Great Community Leaders. By Moses Tetui

After the spies return, Joshua is the one who speaks up to describe the land of Israel positively though the people had been so upset by the reports of the other spies that they could have killed him for it Numbers Flickr user Jenny Downing ] advertisement.

Make sure not to encourage these vices in your life and leadership. Why is it that men are so shortsighted? Leaders have to be able to talk and listen to their employees on all levels of the company. Although Joshua recognizes his own abilities, he knows when he needs help and where to turn to find it.

But they were outweighed by the greater glory to come.Today, we will examine the characteristics of a bad leader. Something to avoid. Four clear characteristics of a bad leader. April Today, we will examine the characteristics of a bad leader.

Something to avoid. Tomorrow, we will talk about what makes a good leader. Something to shoot for. What are characteristics of godly leaders? Second Timothy says that Scripture is given to equip the man of God for “all righteousness.” All righteousness includes things like marriage, being a good employee, and even being a great leader.

Leadership principles from the life of Moses which all leaders must know and abide by. Bible Study Resources; LIFEGroup Resources; Systematic Theology; Christopher L.

The Leadership Characteristics of Moses

Scott. Bible, Theology, Leadership. 12 Leadership Principles from the Life of Moses The people complained to Moses because the water did not taste good. As their leader. Acting aloof, or above your employees, does not make a leader.

Leaders have to be able to talk and listen to their employees on all levels of the company. Feb 25,  · In response to the request of Moses, God tells him to take Joshua and make him the new leader of the Children of Israel.

Moses had wanted one of his son's to inherit his position. In the Midrash (Bamidbar Rabbah,n.d.) God tells him thatReviews: 5. Moses’s Leadership God has the power to make anyone a great leader. Although people are afraid to take responsibility for a group of people, with God’s guidance a leader units people to pursue a common goal for the greater good.

The characteristics of moses that makes him a good leader
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