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But there are other reasons as well, and those will also be studied in this paper. The historical overview in this paper also pointed out that progress in relations during many years, could be discarded in a just a few days, by for example, a few severe statements towards Iran. We can thus conclude that the oil in the Persian Gulf and Iran is another factor that accounts for hostility towards Iran.

From America this is publicly known, and Iranian people also have patriotic feelings due to its rich history but also because it is only Shiite state in the world.

Critical Analyis Essay on Iran

Aldasam, This is only one example in a lot of terroristic incidents throughout the past decennia against American military personnel where the United States accused Iran of having a hand in it. The two biggest and determining parties of American politics, the Republican Party and the Democratic Party, are divided about this issue, and there are even a lot of disagreements and fractions within the two parties.

This bound is not really founded on common values, because Saudi Arabia is ruled by an absolute monarch, king Salman, and has a very conservative and religious culture. Beeman, In that cadre, it is of crucial importance that the United States keeps on talking and opens up diplomacy again with Iran.

Of course the proud Carter Administration would not play ball but instead decided to impose sanctions against the Iranian government. The next few years, the United States must thus become a sort of mediator between its allies and Iran, even if those allies resent America for this fact.

It indeed is argued that the fall of the Assad regime would make Iran more vulnerable. It tries to influence countries to adopt this Western way of life, but in Iran these views on society are not always shared.

But the most important actor in U. Vivoda, One single conflict with a nation, like in current times for example with Russia, cannot not lead to dramatic problems in the area of oil supply. Images that were made of the dead American soldiers in Iran were broadcasted and shocked American society another time.

In practice, Iran became more and more dependent on the Western countries, especially the United States.

The difference with previous administrations is that president Obama realizes that making peace with Iran is one of the most important factors to stabilize the fire source the Middle East is today. These actions underscore the weakness of the NPT in defining and handling non-compliance before a nation begins to make nuclear arms.

The nuclear capability of Iran is a big threat to US security since it would make the region of Middle East very unstable. President Obama clearly objected this invitation, which caused a lot of commotion in Washington D. It is also feared that soon Iran would be able to produce longer range missiles that would have the range of almost six thousand kilometers.

President Obama is largely supported on the Iran deal by his own Democratic Party, especially by the liberal fraction of the party. Still, lots of observers are convinced that the road to a stabile relationship between the two countries is still very long and vulnerable to domestic evolutions in both countries.

Iran-United States Relations essay

Clinton, Besides terrorist actions against the United States, its allies and Israel, it is also said that Iran is supporting militias in Iraq, Syria and Yemen. Many European officials argue that UN measures would be much more effective than EU ones and that Chinese and Russian support for such steps would be jeopardised if the EU went ahead with unilateral sanctions.

CNN Library, This makes it sometimes very difficult for the United States not to kick the shins of one of its two allies. The core centre of the lobby consists of American Jews, but there are also other famous organizations, like the Christian Zionists, who support Israel.

But it is clear that the United States will not rapidly choose for a full scale military operation against Iran: Also, many students had not forgotten the dubious role of the American Embassy in Tehran during the coup in America and other Western countries will always try to avoid that one single country or one single group of countries gets a monopoly over the oil resources, because this will lead to big geopolitical changes in the world.

Clinton, Nowadays, there are three types of nuclear sites in Iran: That is why, for a lot of U. Conclusion There are various factors that account for the hostility of the United States towards Iran. Heaney, Unknown A similarity between citizens of both countries is that they both have a strong sense of national pride.

Fiedler, Sincethe Security Council has adopted six resolutions in where it demanded the shutdown of its arming program. The brutality of the Shah became gradually intolerable: Critical Analyis Essay on Iran There has been a lot of debate about Iran and its nuclear weapons program in the international circle.Essay: US and Iran relations The relationship between the United States and Iran is undoubtedly one of the most crucial and intense of the geopolitical world today.

In this paper it is argued that both powers sometimes have common interests, but working together with Iran remains very difficult for. US-Iran Relations Iran used to be a powerful ally of the United States during the Cold War, and expressly provided support against the Soviet Union.

The US government, in their desire to restore democracy in Iran went to the point of supporting the very unpopular regime of the The Shah of Iran. US-Iran Relations Acknowledgements I would like to thank my teacher, Ms. Mashal Shabbir. The supervision and support that she gave truly helped me in this project.

Her cooperation is thus appreciated. Abstract This report explains the US-Iran relationships, how they changed over the period of time and what the main reasons for that change were.

I tried to analyze these reasons according to. The US-Iranian relations have been relatively tense during the last decades. The reasons are primarily related to the adversity of the Tehran regime that has reached a new level of intensity since Mahmoud Ahmadinejad took office in US-Iran Relations.

Iran used to be a powerful ally of the United States during the Cold War, and expressly provided support against the Soviet Union. The US government, in their desire to restore democracy in Iran went to the point of supporting the very unpopular regime of the The Shah of Iran.

Pak Us Relations Essay example. there is no possibility of India agreeing to proposal of trusteeship under U. N.O. ***** to PAKISTAN – UNITED STATES RELATIONS INTRODUCTION: Pakistan – United States relations are the relations between the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the United States of America.

The us iranian relations essay
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