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All other major markets — France and the United Kingdom in particular — followed a growth trend between and Technological development has led to an enormous increase in output per unit to as much as a quarter of a million tonnes annually from a modern machine. The award recognizes extraordinary efforts by an individual to improve and sustain forests and the people who depend on them.

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It is still comparatively rare to find companies that have reached Categories 4 and 5 in terms of technological advancement, but there do exist a number of export-oriented large-scale manufacturers in countries like Malaysia that qualify for inclusion in these groups.

Also, franchised stores by some major furniture manufacturers have become more common. International Trade Centre 11 22 Category 3 is the first one to which the term industrial production can really be applied.

The International Timber Trade

Furniture exporters from tropical countries are likely to be required to present proof that the wood raw materials of their furniture do not come from illegal sources or contribute to deforestation or forest degradation. Law affects almost every function and area of business.

Promote foreign investment with the associated provision of access to distribution channels and customers, and to design and product development as a means for boosting technology transfer and the export trade. With the determination of GTH companies and the ingenuity of their designers, the industry has developed a myriad of product lines.

Sustainable raw materials A determined plan is needed to create and develop a sustainable source of wood raw materials. If they do not do this, furniture producers will tend to enter a race to the bottom.

Faster-growing Trees, Value-added Products

Its purchase often represents a major investment by consumers in household and office furniture, for instance. It is possible to produce interchangeable components at this level.

In order to translate the cluster strategy into practical assistance to the industry, the most important value chains will have to be identified. Growth in exports of living room furniture not categorized under office, bedroom or kitchen was the main contributor to this change.

Countries like China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Mexico and Brazil have gradually industrialised and expanded their furniture industry s operational scales better suited for the main markets, i. The Mediterranean basin Among the earliest records of trade in wood, there were various reports of it being shipped from sources in what are now Crete, Cyprus, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey and Greece to Egypt during the period of the great Egyptian dynasties from around BC onwards, even though there is evidence that there were still quite extensive forests in Egypt at that time Thirgood The rate for furniture parts was 4.

Around one-fifth of world furniture production comes from developing countries. African countries are insignificant in international furniture trade.

In response to a question on how progress can be made without a common terminology or definition, Martinez-Soliman noted that there are different roles for different actors, and that progress is being made but not fast enough.

The home office sector is growing, spurred by changing working styles and the rise in home computer ownership.

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The high quality of European furniture manufacturing in general serves as a benchmark for foreign suppliers, and that level is certainly not easily achievable for many suppliers from the developing countries.

Italy, France and the United Kingdom slid into slow growth later on, so that all the major economies of the EU failed to perform in early He underscored the essential role of local communities, the importance of tree planting in South Africa, building resilience to forest threats and climate change, and youth involvement.

Faster-growing Trees, Value-added Products

Obstacles in the value chain The industry acknowledges that its main obstacles in fact range over the whole supply chain. Since the late s and throughout the s, the wooden furniture sector has been entering an era of globally competitive industries.International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO).

The report has been jointly prepared by Jukka Tissari, ITC Market Development Officer, and the Mon, 10 Sep GMT International Wooden Furniture Markets - No, take them off for your passport photo.

If you cannot remove your glasses. The International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO) Official Web Site. Trade Development in Further Processed Wood Products Jukka Tissari ITTO International Conference on Promotion of Intra-African Trade in Timber and Timber Products Accra Ghana 1 July Where is.

Acknowledgements The study on which this book is based was commissioned and funded by the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO). The report has been jointly prepared by Jukka Tissari, ITC Market Development Officer, and the. tions by the Economic Commission for Africa, please contact: Publications Economic Commission for Africa ITC International Trade Center ITTO International Tropical Timber Organization IUCN World Conservation Union IUU Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported.

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Tissari to itc and itto on
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