Unit 3 citizenship and diversity

These acts of discrimination are against an individual's choice of sex which some people may not like. An example of a racist would be Sir William Macpherson the former high court judge, as in one interview he claimed that; "I'm quite sure I have thought the wrong things even if I haven't said wrong things, particularly perhaps in stereotyping, looking at a young black man with a baseball cap the wrong way round and immediately thinking the worst against him.

To do this they must have access to resources such as the internet. The citizenship of each party must be determined as of the time the lawsuit is commenced.

A few rights being healthcare, education and age limits e. The white miners were conforming to different norms above and below ground.

This study will allow learners to identify in the UK many groups of citizens found within society. These can be video recorded and added to your website as examples of good practice. Where this is not possible, learners should have access to appropriate case study material taken from recent sources.

Because these cases require substantial investments of time and energy by the federal judiciary in cases that arise under state law, proposals to curtail or abolish diversity jurisdiction have been introduced repeatedly in Congress since the s.

This unit is comprehensive and care must be taken not to swamp learners with unnecessary detail. Why these methods work so well or not will complete the analysis, while further Unit 3 citizenship and diversity in terms of the advantages and disadvantages, recommendations for change and the learners own opinions will be evaluative comment.

To achieve M5 you must write a report to your leading officer and justify the need to spend money on team building activities. Good citizens benefit the public services and the overall society greatly. Openly gay in the army at 21 years old, Wharton claimed he felt threatened for his life and he asked the Prince, his tank commander, for protection.

Sourced from the http: According to Wharton, Prince Harry responded "Right. D1 D2 D3 evaluate the role of good citizens in supporting public services in dealing with issues of equality and diversity evaluate the effectiveness of the methods used by public services to promote equality and diversity in society and within the service evaluate the impact that media reporting has on citizens and on the level of support from public services in relation to examples of current affairs.

To achieve P7, learners should be given the opportunity to discuss a wide range of current affairs before choosing three to focus on for assessment. To achieve P1, learners must explain a range of definitions and meanings and this could take the form of a wall display or glossary booklet.

The white miners were conforming to different norms above and below ground. Recommendations for change or improvement should be considered along with the learner s own views of the situation. Citizenship means that the individual has a residence in the state and intends to have that residence as his or her present home.

BTEC Level 3 Public Services

This provision extends the federal judicial power to controversies between the citizen of a state and the government of a different state, citizens of a different state, or between a state or its citizens and a foreign government or its citizens. Institutionalised racism Institutionalised racism is the racial stereotyping within a company or institute because of their colour, culture or ethnic origin.

There are many different words and concepts related to these areas for example: People respecting their environment is an advantage because it keeps the surroundings looking much more cleaner and presentable. An example is with the current conservative-libdem government, as their policy's manly concerning privatization mean that ups employees are losing their jobs.

Whereas volunteers would be doing the job for no money in return, which allows that service to have more money to spend on equipment if they needed it. This will involve the enforcement of equal opportunities within society as well as within the services themselves.

To achieve P5, learners should consider the methods that the public services use to maintain a diverse workforce and give their own opinion of these. These can be video recorded and added to your website as examples of good practice.

For D2, you must self-reflect and evaluate your effectiveness in leading a team to implement a plan. According to Wharton, Prince Harry defended him against a homophobic attack in a training exercise in Alberta, Canada in This could possibly prevent crimes and increase safety in many different areas.

Please make sure that you TICK the box at the bottom of the form saying "send me a copy of my responses". If everyone behaved then there would be the complete state of utopia, as far as citizenship is concerned.

Conformity to social norms, then, may offer an explanation for prejudice in some cases. Policies and procedures used within public services. No matter how many parties are involved in a lawsuit, there must be complete diversity in order for the federal court to exercise this type of authority.

Tutor input included as well as case studies and website investigation. There are may different ways of being a good citizen as well as it having many advantages as an individual, and to society.

Unit 3 Citizenship, Diversity and the Public Services Media Transcript Essay/Report

As well as this, having good public spirit would be a quality of a good citizen because this would mean you may help out locally to any needs and help out the environment e. As well as this, with no bad citizens means the fire service wouldn't be needed as much for anti social behavior done by bad citizens e.Public Services Level 3 Unit 3 Task 1 - Citizenship, Diversity and the Public Services This essay covers all pass criteria - P1 Explain the range of meanings attached to citizenship, diversity and the associated terminology P2 Discuss the key concepts associated with diversity P3 Assess the benefits of good citizens to public services and society in respecting equality.

Unit 3: Citizenship, Diversity and the public services This unit was very difficult as it was a large unit with 9 pass criteria. This subject was originally two units however for this years students it has been combined which was split up into three parts. Task Assessment Guidance, Detailed Guidance, Notes.

Unit 3 Citizenship, Diversity and the Public Services Essay have a diverse workforce P6 Explain the duty of public services to provide equality of service to all citizens M3 - Analyze the effectiveness of the methods used by the public services to promote equality and diversity in.

4-H Citizenship: Government Is Us! A Civic Engagement Curriculum for Youth Groups 3 University of Arkansas Extension 4-H Youth Development Acknowledgments.

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Unit 3 citizenship and diversity
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